Innovation is the engine behind growth. Opportunities for innovation abound at the interface between knowledge and entrepreneurship. CLENAR is that interface.

CLENAR is located in Zaragoza, the center wof the Aragon. Home to Hidrogen Fundation and Research, and many public and private energy research centers. A meeting point for energy knowledge and creation, unequaled in Europe. A dynamic heart of business, knowledge and innovation in the area of energy.

From its base in Zaragoza, CLENAR coordinates and facilitates valuable innovation by offering tailor-made services. The organization has an extensive network of contacts in energy industry, research and education in the Aragon and beyond. CLENAR is eager to let your company benefit from these contacts as well.

A growing number of companies are participating in CLENAR by joining the exclusive business network – the CLENAR Society. The Society’s innovation-related input plays an important role in setting the course and determining CLENAR’s activities; activities that benefit the members of the CLENAR.

Aragón is a region that has traditionally profited from its abundant renewable and regional resources: water and coal, and even in the recent past natural gas. Lately other renewable energy sources have added to the excellent potential, with wind energy already well established, the recent surge in photovoltaic solar energy and forecasts for biomass energy. These energy resources and the geographical location are just two of many factors that make Aragón an unavoidable reference for renewable energy and the generation of electricity. It is making a significant contribution to Spain’s and the European Union’s desire to meet energy and environmental objectives recognized by the Smart Specialization Strategy of Aragon region in Spain (RIS3).

CLENAR aims to contribute to improve its competitiveness levels and will help to launch innovative joint initiatives aimed at taking advantage of new business opportunities and launching development and innovation projects.

The European Cluster Observatory estimates that 38% of European employment is in companies participating in a cluster. This participation generates synergies in all types of projects, creating a balance between natural business competition and collaboration in the search for new business models and essential elements to boost the economy.


With a view to move forward with promoting and enhancing competitiveness within the Aragon energy sector, we have defined a a medium-term mission and vision that will contribute to the desired positioning of the Cluster in coming years.

To this end, we intend to move forward from the idea of a Cluster as a tool to support the development of the energy sector in Aragon, which was dynamic, creative, innovative, excellent, internationalised, sustainable, competitive, and recognized as a generator of employment and wealth, to a situation in which the  CLENAR  aspires to become the key agent Aragon sector, representing the whole value chain, and promoting an increase in competitiveness and enhancing its position among the leading economic sectors in the region of renewable energies, energy efficiency, safe and sustainable mobility, smart grids and distributed generation (Smart City), etc…, thus contributing to the construction of a smart and sustainable region, tending towards self-sufficiency with the use of indigenous and renewable resources.



Objective: To boost innovation in energy companies in Aragon.

  • Innovation Commission. An internal working group that channelizes innovation opportunities among CLENAR stakeholders.
  • Follow up and detect public funding opportunities for innovation
  • Support collaborative projects for energy innovation in the regional, national and European level.


Objective: To become a referent at the regional level in knowledge and innovation in the energy sector.

  • Communication cabinet of energy projects
  • Conferences in energy key areas
  • Preparation of energy training and reverse missions to Zaragoza water ecosystem


Objective: To offer solutions to regional energy challenges

  • Participation in regional fora linked to energy sector and innovation (RIS3; Regional Clusters Cooperation Plan Aragon 2020; Digital Innovation Hub Aragon)
  • Identification of energy gaps to boost innovation in energy management areas
  • Boost collaborative action to solve social and environmental energy challenges in Aragon Region.


Objective: To support and guide energy and green companies (specially SME) building collaboration and partnerships among members and with other economic areas.

  • Facilitating joint internationalization activities
  • Boosting Internationalization Commission, coordinated by AREX and Chambero f Zaragoza, to define priority activities and international missions
  • Organize commercial presentations boosting collaboration among cluster members
  • Collaboration with other clusters from other sectors at the regional, national and international level.

Benefits of belonging to CLENAR

CLENAR Members have access to the best resources across a wide scope of industries and disciplines, to potential investors and partnerships via the global network and worldwide exposure. By being a CLENAR Member, companies accelerate innovation and business development.

The membership of CLENAR entitles you to a wide scope of benefits, including:

Innovations and business projects

Participate in cutting edge innovation and business projects on local or global scale.

Join relevant platform

CLENAR platform for contact with companies and energy agents, and others, with which to exchange knowledge and obtain business opportunities. It provides national and international visibility by acting as a tool for the joint positioning of companies and the sector.

Participate in inspiring meetings

Gather fresh insights and make connections during one of our many types of meetings. Examples are Member Meetings and Innovation Insights, exclusively for Members.

Receive thematic innovation scan

Receive thematic innovation scans, which gives you insights in new products, technologies, projects, companies and developments within our fields of innovation. It It is is an excellent tool for accessing projects of common interest, both at national, European and international level

Boost your online exposure

New CLENAR Members are interviewed and announced to a large audience of energy experts on our website, in our newsletter and on LinkedIn group to exchange knowledge and information.

Add CLENAR to your name

Use the CLENAR Member logo on your website and in your marketing and communication. You can have your innovation-related news items and events listed on www.clenar.com


Meet potential partners for your venture or project. Using our vast, global network, CLENAR helps you with finding the right person, organization, technology, knowledge provider or facility to let your innovations thrive.


You receive the digital ‘Special Members Edition’ summarizing news, developments, events and background information shared by CLENAR Society members.

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